“RicostruiAMO Fiastra”

A very special thank you to the “RicostruiAMO Fiastra” association and to Livia D’Andrea for the generous contribution made on behalf of the “Sibillini anno zero, ripartiamo dalla bellezza” event (https://www.facebook.com/events/140407383249543/) which will take place in Bolognola and Pintura di Bolognola on 31st December. This donation is an important and concrete aid that reflects the meaning of such event. The generous vision that involves the interests of all the Sibillini Region, not only one single municipality or town. We are very happy and mostly gratefull towards our friends in Fiastra and very proud of them. We also take the opportunity to thank Sia Belli, alderman at the Fiastra Municipality and all the Municipal Administration for their positive attitude and to help us in locating a camper area to make it available for the event. Today is a wonderful day for us, all our efforts to fight for the re-birth of all the Sibillini territory have the first feedback. Thank you again to RicostruiAmo Fiastra, to the Municipality of Fiastra, “all together” are not only simple words but a way of being.

Whoever wishes to support us in organising this brave New Year’s Eve event, can donate starting from 1€ through the link below. We’ve now 1000€ but our target is 3000€. Please help us to achieve it and mostly help us to help the Sibillini territory.

Here is also the link to the web page of the “RicostruiAmo Fiastra” association, go and see how many initiatives they completed.

post taken from the page “Un aiuto concreto per i Sibillini”

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