Workshop in Maria Marchegiani´s Boutique-Museum

The goal is to create a silver ring. We will first create a 925% silver alloy through a fusion which will then be passed to the mill to be laminated and cut into shape. Eventually, it will be decorated with fretwork, smoothed, and polished. Once finished, you can take the ring home. You will also be able to visit the Museum of Jewels and will get a 10% discount on the purchase of a Marchegiani jewel if you choose to buy.(*)


Anyone 18+  years old.

The visit takes place on Monday mornings from 10 am to 1 pm and can accommodate a maximum of 3 participants.
Price: € 80 per person.

(*Protective clothing will be provided but we suggest wearing clothing you don’t mind getting damaged or dirty.)



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About Us

Maria Marchegiani graduated as a Master of Art both in Jesi and at sculpture’s Arnaldo Pomodoro’s school. After gaining some experience in Jesi’s workshops while still a student, Maria Marchegiani became an expert gemologist specialized in diamonds. In 2004, she established her gold workshop in Via degli Orefici in Jesi, obtaining the Marche Eccellenza Artigiana award from the Chamber of Commerce. Here, she designs and creates her jewel masterpieces according to Jesi traditions and new innovative technology. Her jewels are made combining uncommon materials, rare gems, and trendy design. In 2016, she founded her boutique museum on Via degli Orefici in Jesi. Staff include Sara Casanova (gemologist) Laura Curzi (designer R&S) and Eleonora Marchegiani (goldsmith and boutique manager).


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