Weaving workshop

Basic tapestry workshop. The goal is to be able to create accessories for clothing, small tablecloths or tapestry.*

Museo della Tessitura, Macerata.

Suitable for adults, children, and teenagers.

The workshop lasts two hours and can accommodate a maximum of 6 participants.
Price: € 15 per person (costsfor two hours).

Personal insurance.

Costs do not include a discounted stay at B&B Antichi Gelsi.

*Workshops employ the use of simple materials processes that will enable participants to create artisanal products to be taken back home.

About Us

Established in 1986, Laboratorio “La Tela” di Ginesi e Varagona is located in Vicolo Vecchio, Macerata. We reproduce the typical textile tradition of our territory in the renovated rooms of an old carpentry. Our goal is to safeguard the historic wisdom which led us to develop a business aiming to create tastefully styled, creative, and unique textile products. These take shape from high-quality fibers woven in handlooms from the 18th century, worked according old techniques combined with innovative products in line with present culture trends. Our business has developed over time and embraced different sectors: fashion, teaching, and collaborations with different public and private institutions. Many articles and publications have been written about us and we have received important awards thanks to the passion and commitment that allowed us to stand out. Experience, design, organization, innovation, and creativity are qualities that have made it possible for us to enter the international high fashion market (studies, collections and/or product manufacturing for Mila Schon, Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace, Piazza Sempione, Bally, Alexander McQueen…).


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