In an initial moment of presentation and knowledge, the first introductory part of the experience will follow where Antonio will tell the magic of the truffle. Once the “theoretical” part is over, the real experience begins, entering the woods accompanied by Antonio and his dogs to then arrive at the most exciting moment of the experience, the search for truffles. Watch the extraction, see how the dog finds and begins to point out the secret hiding place of the precious product and its handler who incites and supports it with satisfaction and joy. The experience ends with a food and wine tasting, in collaboration with different wineries according to the period, of the absolute protagonist with typical and local products of the place.

Serra San Quirico

One and a half days (4 hours).

120 € per person.
Number of participants minimun: 4.

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About us

Waiting for the lucky adventurer will be Antonio Bonfanti .. a man who has made his
passion into a job and a lifestyle, entrepreneur, truffle hunter, as well as truffle grower.
Recently president of the National Tartufai Association of the Marches, he is committed every day to giving a voice to the truffle and its loyal hunters and growers


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