All phases of the production of a “Bracciale” will be illustrated. We will analyze the various steps of processing, we will see how to choose a trunk and how to process it, starting from turning to drilling. We will continue explaining the manufacture of the different spikes, the processing of the inner handle and the polishing of the “Bracciale”. At the end of the lesson, participants will be able to finish and polish a spike to take home. All necessary materials will be made available.




From 18 years old and above.
Number of participants: minimum 3/ maximum 6


Saturday morning
2 hours


25 € per person

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About Us

I’m Danilo, I started to get passionate about wood as a boy working in carpentry. In 1984 I decided to open my own shop and since then I have mainly been involved in furniture restoration, accompanied by my son Andrea since 2018. Originally from Treia, one of the reference cities of the “Gioco del pallone col bracciale”, I approached its processing in 2016 thanks to the teachings handed down to me by a “ Bracciale” craftsman and that allowed me to discover the secrets and details of this art. The intent of the lesson is to be able to do the same with the new generations and provide the basis to keep this tradition alive.


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