The art of weaving

The workshop involves the use of a simple material and   the learning of techniques that will lead to the realization of finished artifacts, that each partecipant can take home. At the end of the course, we are able to create, from the beginning to the end, an object entirely realized through the technique of weaving.


Saturaday or Sunday (3 ore).

60 € each person (including tasting).
Minimum number of partecipants 5.
Optional an apron, is intended to use water for handling the material.


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About Us

Bottega Intreccio’s project was conceived in 2014 from the ambition to combine the artisans’ skills with the enthusiasm of new generations to create experiments, new entrepreneurial adventures and preserve the know-how that, guarded by a few experts, constitutes an essential part of our collective heritage. Wicker, cord, leather and other materials are patiently worked following the concept studied by designers, combining experimentation and craftsmanship to produce innovation, starting from our traditional heritage handed on for centuries.


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