The Art Of Restoration


Decoration on wood using traditional techniques and natural products. Explanation of the different phases of work. Outline of the history and the techniques of materials that will be used. (*)
The operational phases:
– preparation of the support,
– choice of an image,
– creation of the preparatory drawing on the support using the dusting technique,
– application of the decoration to the support using natural products,
– application of a final protection.




From 16 age upwards.


In the morning 3 hours.
60 € each person.
Max participants: 4-5 person.
Min participants: 2 person.

Personal insurance.

(*) Comfortable work clothes and closed shoes are required. In the winter months it is necessary to wear very heavy clothes due to the fairly humid climate in the laboratory. All materials, tools and products that will be used are included in the price. Things to know: there is no bathroom in the laboratory, there is only a sink for washing hands and brushes.

About me

Veronica Mencucci, as a Master of art and restorer of works of art on canvas and board, I am passionate about decoration, I graduated in restoration and conservation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
Since I was a child I have shown a great interest in manual and creative activities, I have always loved to get my hands dirty, mess with colours and experiment with new techniques. It makes me very happy that I have been able to turn my passion into work.
In my small workshop you will breathe an atmosphere from the past, I hope to spark a passion for the arts and for the pictorial techniques of the old masters.