The day will start in the morning with a walk through the Franciscan Path of the Marca, followed by lunch in a tavern with local food. After the meal the group will come back to the “Tamburello Marchigiano Workshop” with a ring route. The afternoon will focus on folk-music. In the first part we will learn the traditional music instruments of our music followed by the making of “La ‘Gnacchera”, the instrument that we’ll take home with us. At the end of the making, we will learn the technique to play the instrument and it will possible to play a “communal concert” of Marche folk music with the participation of some local musicians. The day will end with a traditional “Merenda” (“snack”), with local wines, cold cuts and chees from our land.

Caldarola (MC)

One day

From 8 age upwards.

Full day, from the morning:
Walk (Franciscan Path of the Marca) + lunch + Laboratory + Concert + Snack
Maximum 10 participants
Price per person: 80 euro

Half day:
Laboratory + Concert + Snack
Maximum 10 participants
Price per person: 50 euro

(Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended. It is recommended also to bring some spare clothes.)


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About Us

My name is Marco, Since childhood he was fond of traditions and dialect poetry. This passion was given by his grandfather, a “peasant poet” of the village, and his grandmother, a real encyclopaedia of folk songs. Due to the presence of the grandparents, throughout manuscripts and record tapes, he started to collect from different sources several traditional folk songs from Macerata. His love for the folk song increased day by day therefore he started to collaborate with several local folk music bands in order to increase his musical knowledges: Li Pistacoppi (Macerata), Li Matti de Montecò (Montecosaro), Pitiòmmia (Petriolo)…
Marco is still sing and play currently; always in search of lyrics, tales and songs from who still keeps traditions and history of its land, trying to spread with his voice the uniqueness of its land.


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