You will take part in the creation and customization of a book using different materials, while also learning the main bookbinding techniques. You will assemble pictures and/or texts to create an original book or photo album by choosing what you deem the best solution. The necessary materials will be provided.


Suitable for all ages and levels. No specific skills are required.

The workshop lasts a half day. It’s Firday morning at 9.30 to 12.30 am.
Price: € 35 per person.


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About Us

I am Stefania Giuliani, owner of the Librare workshop, recognised as a Bottega Scuola (workshop school). I am a master craftsman and a former professional athlete with a passion for art.
Librare was founded 20 years ago in the historic center of Ancona. Its rooms are spacious and I provide the materials and equipment required to create handmade items related to bookbinding and paper converting, such as a press, box cutters, clamps, movable characters, a collection of handmade paper decorated in different styles from different time periods, canvas and fabrics, leathers and parchments, eco-leathers, and many other materials for finishing of a book.
To gather more information about the subject, you can consult the collection of volumes on art binding that can guide you on a historical path through the evolution of the book. The workshop hosts contemporary art exhibitions and takes part in the main regional festivals.


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