It has never been so simple, to create a pair of sandals with your own hands! With the help of a professional and the use of leather, that you can choose, you can realize a “Must of Marche summer”: leather sandals. From 16 years onwards.

Force (AP)

3 hours.
min. 4 max 7 partecipations.

From 16 age upwards.

75 € each person (includings guided tour of the historic center of Force; entrance to Coppers and Sistini Museum; food and wine tasting of the territory’s excellences in the Villino Verrucci’s Park. A little journey between traditions and flavors where you can drink a glass of good wine with cheeses, cold cuts and “cacciannanze”: a typical flat bread of Force).



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About Us

Gabriele and Daniela, father and daughter with a long experience in leather’s world. They create handmade shoes and bags in limited edition against the serial and poor production. Besides to offer a support to the museum, they sell their own collection between Force and Turin.


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