During the workshop, you will learn the history of paper, from its origins to the present day. You will be presented with raw materials including cellulose, flocculants, and colors, and you will learn the refinements of cutting and fibrillation. Together, we will choose the form and canvases in order to better shape the paper, learn sheet manufacturing techniques, and then approach creative techniques whose specific uses paper hides.

Accademia delle Arti Cartaie – Fabriano – Venezia.

Suitable for paper enthusiasts of all ages and levels.

The workshop lasts a half day and requires a minimum of 4 participants to go ahead.
Price: €70 per person.


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About Us

I am Sandro Tiberi, a master paper maker, and I invite you to my paper and printing press workshop. The aim is to change your view of papers in chalcography, which will be done from plate imaging to paper printing.

The workshop is divided into two parts: theory and practice. In the first part, you will discover imaging and inking techniques and the usage of new materials. In the latter part, you will create sheets of paper using traditional and creative techniques that will unleash huge potential in the artistic and chalcographic printing industries. You can take home your souvenirs at the end of the workshop.


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