JUMP INTO COLOR – Resort visit with final demonstration

You will have the chance to visit the garden by the farmhouses, take part in color pigment extraction workshops, and attend a demonstration run by our dyer and top European expert, Dott. Butta Alessandro. After the demonstration, those who want to can visit the shop and purchase handmade items dyed with natural colors. We recommend spending lunch at Ristorante La Campana where a set menu is. You can also take part in the jam tasting and a tasting course.

Agriturismo B&B La Campana – Montefiore dell’Aso.

Experts and enthusiasts of all ages.

The workshop takes place on one day from March to June, and from September to October.
Price 1: €30 per person up to 15 participants.
Price 2: €20 per person when more than 15 participants.
Lunch is included in the price and consists of rosemary crouton, pasta with meat sauce, roasted meat with a side dish, a soft jam cake, wine (1/4 lt per person), water and an espresso.

Personal insurance.

About Us

We are a small group of families connected by values and friendship, who want to live together and share activities and common interests. None of us knows how long it will take to restore the abandoned farmhouse and its land, but we all want to work hard on this mutual project.
The project leads participants to rediscover how to traditionally dye plants and the dying art of natural textiles and fibers (especially linen and silk), a unique industry. In the meantime, we will study new ideas, conduct new experiments, and create new activities. We want to start collaborating with universities and important agri-food companies in the Marche region. These are new challenges for new growth in a lifestyle you can see firsthand.


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