Fix your Accordion

The Accordion Craft Academy  has created a Course for Accordion Repairers, where accordionists and accordion lovers of all ages are welcome. In Tier 1 of the course, participants will learn how to take care of their own accordion, a fascinating yet delicate instrument. The teaching is very practical and experience-oriented, and it covers topics such as maintenance, repairing, replacements, cleaning, tuning


English and Italian

All ages

671 €.

5 days (typically from Wednesday to Sunday)

Max 10 participants

About Us

Accordion Craft Academy is a joint project of Skyler Group, on the field of innovation, continued education and training, and Victoria Accordions, the internationally renowned producer of top quality accordions. We want to give musicians and enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and art of accordion crafting, a cultural heritage that has long been a prerogative of craft masters. The Accordion Craft Academy has obtained the Patronage of the Castelfidardo City Hall and is an international touchstone in the field. As of today, people from more than 30 countries around the world have already joined us.


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