You can begin to work from a copper thread or from a sheet, you use pliers with rounded and flat tips, hand saws, files, anvils ,hammers and all tools that fantasy required to shape the jewels idea. To create an artistic jewel from a thread allows you to play with shapes and colors that copper takes on if it is exposed to the air, to the high temperatures or to solutions based on vinegar and salt.

Force (AP)

3 hours.
min 4 max 7 partecipations.

From 16 age upwards.

120 € each person (including entry to the Museum).

About Us

The Copper Museum in Force is the place of Doing and Knowledge. A immersive museum where the fruition is closely linked to the production of copper artifacts. But it is also a productive site, where the cultural experience is accompanied by the involvement in the processing. The copper processing site are rebuilt inside the museum: from the foundry to the craft workshop. The Copper smiths in Force mainly produced articles for domestic use. Copper conducts heat very well and has a high resistance to corrosion so many of the domestic utensils were for cooking food. The complicated stills known as tamburla in the Piceno dialect were built to make mistrà a local digestive distilled from wine.


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