The workshop participants, equipped with ad hoc pens for writing that they can buy on site, are first introduced to palaeography with examples and writings and characters created with large pens on paper boards 70 x 100 cm. Then they switch to the use of the pen and the study of posture with a series of exercises that allow you to gain familiarity with this tool. Following this, they start writing the humanistic alphabet that for a beginner is the easiest. Letter after letter in the two workshop days, they are able to complete all of the lowercase letters. Then maybe each participant can learn the two uppercase letters of their name and surname, so that they can take home their handwriting notebooks, but also a parchment with their name.


Two days, Saturday and Sunday.

290 € each person, included the pen for to write and the notebooks.
The workshop can be composed of a minimum of 6 people to a maximum of 15-18.


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About Us

Master Màlleus, calligrapher and owner of the Antica Bottega Amanuense.
It was formed by the best international calligraphers including: Thomas Ingmire (American), Christopher Haannes (Norwegian), James Cloug (English), Jhoan De do (Austrian), Michael Harwey (English) and Donald Jackson, Master of Buckingham Palace in London from whom he received training and the complete techniques of the Amanuense art. Màlleus devotes his life to his passion for writing and stone engraving with hammer and chisel tools, he is the master of his studio and is very busy between travel, meetings and shows.


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