Marchecraft was born inside a region of more than 2,000 kilometers to raise awareness of ancient crafts on the brink of extinction. These crafts bring huge value to everything from tradition to innovation - and artisans are the key players.

The desire to create this tourism-based website arose from the desire to give value to artisans. We have created experience packages in the craft world to share what lies within the very heart of the Marche region.

Contrary to other industries, offers in this sector still do not exist or, more precisely, there are undervalued, small businesses. Marchecraft wants to collaborate with small businesses to find common synergies in order to better develop a well-defined and seasonal touristic offer.

Marchecraft is a marketplace offering a new concept of tourism, where added value is provided from the direct experience of the tourist, artisans, tourism professionals, and the local community itself. The aim of the platform is to give value to the historical and handcrafted tourism businesses in the region, ensuring tourists experience the authenticity and quality of the area.

We offer tourists the possibility to know and discover the artisan’s excellence by connecting with the local community, its rituals and traditions. Knowing the artisan allows the tourist to become familiar with his/her work. It means the tourist will be able to travel and create a handmade treasure, a souvenir for home, at the same time.



Uniqueness: A detailed and precise offer in tourism

Quality: Artisans are selected according to their experience and what they can offer to tourists.

Synergy: Collaborations with tourism providers to facilitate the interaction between tourists and artisans.

Innovation and cohesion: Old and new artisan trades are the main focus of this platform.

Territory: Enhancement of the territory, also through museums, to rediscover the artisans of Italian villages.