Talking about us

In this article, on page 9, they talk about us. Click here please

Talking about us on Gambero Rosso

The Gambero Rosso magazine speak about Marchecraft, click this photo for read the article. Thanks a lot to Michela Becchi for the article.        

Quino Al by unsplash

Hello Friends

Hello Friends, it’s been a while the last blog, the last article. The exceptional situation has put us to the hard test, but thanks to Craftmanship we’ve not suspended the communication with you. We never stopped to talk to you and make you see and know the most important asset of this country, the Craftmanship. […]


Hello, how are you? I hope you’re fine. This is not a best period, it’s a delicate moment of our life. We care about you and we want to know how you are. We’re in our house, we work for a new project and new experience. Together to Craftmanships we’ve created a tutorial for #stayathome […]

Toa Heftiba

News 2020

This year, the guidelines are two: 1) New Craftmen (Antica Bottega Amanuense, Bottega Intreccio); 2) Important new collaboration. We’re on the right way, and it’s not over yet!